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Here at i.k services Leeds Escort Agency we always do our best to try and answer any questions you have about our Agency, should the answer to your question not be displayed here then please contact us:

Mobile: 07921 658880

What information do you require from me to make a booking?
For an incall we need your name and a mobile number. For hotel visits we will need your name, hotel details, your contact telephone number. All new clients must ring on the day to make a booking. If your booking has been made in advance (regular clientele only) we do ask that once you have checked into your hotel you please telephone us to let us know your room number. WE DO NOT OFFER A HOME VISITING SERVICE OR THIRTY MINUTE APPOINTMENTS.

How do I book an i.k services Leeds Escort, can I book via SMS text for example?
Once you have chosen the escort you would like an appointment with please check the online calendar for availability and then you can either, email, phone us direct or sms text us your requirements and we will get back to you within the hour (please take into consideration our opening times published on our Home page). If you are a new client you will need to ring on the day to place the booking. We only take advance notice bookings if you have used us on at least one previous occasion. If you place a text booking on 07921 658880 then please text us your name and requirements, we will not reply to texts where your name is not included...it is nice to know who we are texting.

Do I have to confirm on the day of my booking that I am happy to go ahead?
Yes, we have a strict confirmation policy in place and when you make your booking you will be given a time that you must confirm to us on the day of your booking that you still want to go ahead. If you do not confirm at that time, then we will cancel the booking. It is unfair for the girl to be sat waiting for you, so the girl you are planning to meet will not set of to meet you until we have all the details and you have confirmed. If it is for an incall appointment, then you shall get directions/location details once you have confirmed.

What happens if I need to cancel?
You can cancel a prebooked appointment the day before up to 6pm. If it is a same day appointment then please consider when you place the booking if anything might influence you making the actual appointment time e.g. work commitments. Only place a booking if you are 100% certain you can make it. If you fail to show for an appointment then we will not take any further bookings from you. If you cancel the same day at short notice (1 hour before the booking or less) then we may expect payment in advance for any future bookings. (for overnight cancellations please read the FAQ about overnight bookings where the cancellation policy is listed).

What happens if the escort I choose falls ill/cannot make it?
If the escort falls ill and cannot make the appointment we will, where possible, suggest an alternative escort. We will not contact you directly, we will wait till you have made contact to confirm (unless you have specified that we may contact you). It is our policy that your chosen escort is 100% fit and you get a service that is second to none. The same applies to you; if you fall ill please do not go ahead, just call us to let us know, but please do give us notice as otherwise your choosen Leeds or Wakefield escort may already be on the way to meet you.

How do I get the best out of my appointment with i.k services?
If you have any special requests then please let us know at the time of the booking - we want your experience with i.k services to be pleasurable and full of enjoyment and for you to return to i.k with confidence. Also make sure you book sufficient time, we are sure you will agree that it is unreasonable to pay for 1 hr and expect to receive 1 hrs. If when you arrive you would like to stay longer than originally planned then this can be arranged if there is sufficent availability, just get your chosen escort to do a quick check with us accordingly. Please note you pay for the girls time and not for what happens within the hour or by the amount of services you receive. We also require that you are clean and fresh as this will enable you to get the maximum out of the time you spend with the escort (please see next question below). Please Note: if you require a specific service over and above the i.k GFE then you must ask us when you place the booking if that service is available from the girl you wish to meet.

Do you have a shower policy in place for incalls?
Yes. We have showers in all the incall apartments and at i.k services we have a very strict shower policy in place...no shower no service. You must respect the fact that this is safe and clean. Your choosen escort will ask you to take a shower and there are clean fresh towels always available. The girl will be clean and hygenic and we expect the same in return. If you refuse to have a shower then you will be asked to leave. The girls apartments are also non-smoking and they have a strict no smoking policy in place at the apartments.

Can I have some more pictures before I make up my mind, do you supply facial pictures upon request??
No, the photos on our site are all that we have and they are copyrighted to i.k services. We never take facial shots and we never use blurred faces. We take the escorts privacy very seriously.

What is your privacy policy, as I am very concerned about confidentiality?
We do not disclose or share any information with third parties, we value your privacy and we promise you 100% discretion. Any data you provide during the booking process is used for security checks to ensure the safety of the escorts.

Are the escorts happy to receive reviews?
Yes of course, everyone loves compliments and doing a favourable review is always appreciated. However, we would appreciate that the review is not too graphic in detail and our location details are not listed and is placed directly onto our website review system.

What are your terms and conditions?
i.k services website contains images of an adult nature; you have to be 18 years or over to enter. All the escorts are professionals and fees mentioned are for their time and companionship only, i.k services is not responsible for anything that occurs between two or more consenting adults. We do not control any of the girls that we represent they make their own decisions and choose to let us represent them. We are agents not employers.

Do you accomodate disabled clients or clients who have medical conditions?
Yes of course some of the girls will see disabled clients or clients that have medical conditions. Obviously we would need you to discuss your disability with us beforehand so that we know that we can accommodate you and that you are meeting with the right girl. Unfortunately if you do make a booking and do not disclose your disability or condition then it is within the girls discretion to decline to see you...you must let us know when you place the booking so we can assure you are seeing the right person who is happy to meet you and that you have a fantastic time.

What payment methods do the i.k girls accept?
They only accept cash at the beginning of the appointment. Please do not be offended if the i.k girls chooses to count the money.

I am thinking about booking an overnight stay...can you tell me more? (we only do hotel overnight bookings)
Overnight bookings are 12 hours and we only offer HOTEL overnight stays. The girls DO NOT do overnight stays in their apartments, and overnight appointments are at their discretion and they do require a small deposit - please email us for further information once you have chosen the girl you would like to meet regarding the deposit. They can accommodate these 12 hours to suit you accordingly...for example 7pm to 7am or 9pm to 9am...they can be arranged to suit. For a hotel overnight stay you will be responsible for providing any food or drink for the girl during that time and some of the time is allocated for sleep and the overnight price of 900 is priced accordingly for this. Email us for further information.

I see that you also offer a dinner date service how does that work exactly? (we only offer hotel dinner date bookings)
Dinner date bookings are 4 hours and we only offer HOTEL dinner dates. The time is allocated as 2.5 hours private time at a hotel of your choice in the Leeds area (City Centre) and 1.5 hours for wine and dining again at a restaurant within the Leeds City Centre. This is a very different booking from a 4 hour booking which would be 4 hours of private time. We would require the hotel information and the restaurant that you have booked. Only certain i.k girls offer this service, so please check individual profiles accordingly. Email us for further information.

How much notice do I need to give to see an i.k girl?
How long is a piece of string lol...Sometimes as little as 1 hours notice as the girls like to look immaculate and their very best, so you have to allow time for them to travel and then to get ready for you. Sometimes a girl may be booked a week in advance. If you want to meet a specific girl at a specific time then you are best to book in advance (you can only book in advance if you have previously used us on at least one occasion) so that you are not disappointed. We are happy to take advance bookings a week in advance as long as the calendar shows that the girl in question is available and you have used us before... If you are a new client you will be ask to ring on the day to make the booking. For an overnight booking we may require a weeks notice depending on who you are want to meet...please ask us directly regarding this.

Can I request a certain service?
All the services the girls provide are at THEIR discretion. The i.k GFE with kissing is all part of their service...but even though a Punternet review may indicate that a service was provided, it does not mean that that service should be taken as given for every client. You must ask us the question when you place the booking if you require a certain service over and above the i.k GFE. Every girl is different and they cannot promise you certain services. The service that none of the girls offer is anything to do with A so please do not insult the escort by asking for that service. The agency is just the representative for the girls and we have not /do not want any control over what a girl should and should not be doing hence the reason we do not supply a graphic menu of services.. it is the girls freedom of choice.

Can I request a certain dress preference?
Yes to a certain extent you can, but only if you are booking in advance of at least 24 hours. We have a policy that all the girls dress to impress in something sexy and smart and if you require stockings or a certain type of lingerie then they will do their best to please you as long as they have sufficent notice, so please let us know this during the booking stage so they can be prepared. None of the girls do uniforms and all the girls greet you fully dressed in something sexy for discretion purposes. They will not greet you in their underwear.

Can I request a certain incall apartment?
This would depend on whether the apartment is free, however you are best to make this request on the day of booking. Please do not leave it to the last minute to ask for a certain apartment. The Penthouse apartment is always a popular choice, so if you wish to use this apartment (at no extra cost) then ensure that you book well in advance. Please note : The girls apartments are also non-smoking and they have a strict no smoking policy in place at the apartments.

Are the girls incall apartment non smoking and which girls do not smoke? What if I am a smoker?
The girls incall apartments are all non smoking and smoke free. The girls do state on their profiles whether they smoke or not, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarification on this. If you smoke then you cannot smoke in the apartments.

Are the girls all genuine with genuine up to date pictures and will I meet the girl that I request?
Yes, we are a well established Leeds Escort agency and all the pictures contained within the website are genuine and we do not alter them or change them in any way or form. Our pictures are updated on a regular basis (normally once every 3 months), as to accomodate any hair colour changes etc. The girl that you request is the girl that you meet...we have never endorsed switch and bait (where a client makes a booking and then a different girl shows up), we want your experience of i.k to be outstanding and for you to return to us in confidence.

Thank you

i.k services