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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: JH
Date: 9 May
Vicky is truly astonishing! I have been an occasional user of IK's services for 10 years and have seen dozens of girls. All have been good but every now and again there is someone extra special. Vicky is one of those girls. Not only is she very pretty but she has the personality to match. We clicked immediately and what followed was fabulous. Vicky is probably the most passionate and energetic girl I have seen and was most eager to ensure we both had an enjoyable time. I would love to see her again.

Reviewer: Ben
Date: 27/03/19
Always love seeing Vicky. Shes a stunning delight!

Reviewer: Robert
Date: 19th Dec
What can I say...... had a lovely sensual hour in the company of a very sexy and sensual Vicky.... She excudes confidence in a very natural way and with a real glint in her eyes....tactile and sizzling.
Perfect match - time flew by and boy will I be back soon..... I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did
(this was a i.k services Secret Santa booking @ £130)

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 30/11/18
What an experience. I had high hopes for my 1st Duo with Hannah and Vicky.
Hannah and Vicky went above and beyond everything I dared to hope for. Brilliant fun. Both looked fabulous, heels, stockings the biz.
Their suggestions were naughtier than mine and that is going some. There was never a 'no'.
Should you be considering a DUO then do so without hesitation.
i.k services as ever is the best service I have ever found.
Many thanks Rustler

Reviewer: jf
Date: 27/11
Faultless. Again.

Reviewer: Paul C
Date: 17/09
This was my first visit to the delightful Vicky. Her dress was bright and colourful and this was surpassed by her personality. She's someone who could brighten up anywhere she walked into. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend in her company. She's so much fun to be with and I felt we hit it off from the moment we met. Time just flew by way too quickly, but I've always taken that as a good sign, and I hope she enjoyed it all as much as I did. She's bright, fun and very attentive and even though 4 hours have passed since I left her, I still have a broad smile on my face and a really warm feeling inside. Already looking forward to a return visit. So until next time and there will be a next time, take care my angel. xxx.

Reviewer: JF
Date: 29/08
A two girl with lovely Vicky beckoned, but only one of her preferred partners had her hours on the calendar. As usual M sorted it out in double quick time and Nicole was soon booked as Vicky's willing accomplice. Never having met Nicole made the anticipation doubly exciting Ė for Vicky too as this was the first time she had worked her. However seeing the two of them dressed as requested in smart and sexy LBDs this was obviously going to be just what the doctor had ordered. And so it proved, as they let their inhibitions (along with everything else) down. From her performance Vicky's 'bi-curious' orientation could be due for an upgrade! I would not be surprised if this duo became a favoured i.k two-girl combination. Thank you girls for a great morning. XX

Reviewer: jf
Date: 16/05
Oh Vicky, always gorgeous, affectionate, innovative, witty and amazing in role play. I can only repeat my previous reviews. Thank you again Vicky. XX

Reviewer: Bones
Date: 23 April
Vicky had the essential confidence of sensuality. Within seconds of entering the apartment and that first kiss you canít keep your hands from her. I swear she has the most petty sexy bottom. ( just look at those photos) Loving sexy care and attention brilliant.

Reviewer: Ali
Date: 15/12
Vicky is a lovely and energetic lady, she has a sexy look about her which makes the whole experience unforgetable :)



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